KnowHow Movies/CinemaNow Transition


What happens to my KnowHow Movies Account?

KnowHow Movies is re-launching as CinemaNow, which means access to an even greater digital entertainment experience with all your favorite films and TV shows.

Don't worry, there's nothing you need to do. Your account has been seamlessly migrated to our new website,, with your library safely in tow.

On, sign in using your KnowHow Movies username/password and take some time to look around.  View your account info in My CinemaNow>Account and your library in My CinemaNow>Library. 


What is UltraViolet?

UltraViolet ( is a free, cloud-based digital rights library that gives you flexibility to watch your UltraViolet enabled movies and TV shows on multiple platforms.  UltraViolet allows you to create a library that you can access through multiple UltraViolet-enabled devices or retailer web-stores.  For example, if you have an UltraViolet account with CinemaNow and its also linked with another streaming movie provider, all your UltraViolet enabled movies will be accessible in both places. 

Many of our titles are UltraViolet enabled, and require an UltraViolet account for checkout.  If you havent done so already, create an UltraViolet account!   


How do I create an UltraViolet account?

-go to My CinemaNow>Account

-scroll down to the UltraViolet section

-select "Create an UltraViolet Account"

-enter the required account info to complete the process


What will happen to my devices that use the KnowHow Movies app?

There are 3 scenarios involving different devices that currently use the KnowHow Movies app...

#1:  Android, iOS, Samsung Blu-ray/Tvs: most 2012-2014 models.

These devices will be able to upgrade to the CinemaNow app, which is coming soon.  In the meantime, your existing KnowHow Movies app will sync with your Cinemanow account.  Any purchases made on the web will show up in the KnowHow Movies app and vice-versa.


 #2:  LG Blu-ray/TVs: most 2011-2014 models, Samsung Blu-ray/Tvs: most 2011 models.

These devices will not be able to upgrade to the CinemaNow app.  The KnowHow Movies app will live on here and will sync with your CinemaNow account. Any purchases made on the web will show up in the KnowHow Movies app and vice-versa.


 #3:  2013 Toshiba TVs 

The KnowHow Movies app will be shut down on these devices.  Unfortunately, the file type these devices use for playback will no longer be supported.  The CinemaNow app will not be available here, but your account is in tact and can be accessed from and other supported devices.  






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