Cancellations and Returns

Due to the nature of digital content and because you are given immediate access to the Retail Content you purchased, you will NOT be able to cancel the order or return the content once you have completed your order by clicking on the ‘Pay now’ button at the end of the Checkout process. You will be able to cancel a pre-order for a Season Pass any time prior to the release date of the relevant season. Please see Terms and Conditions for full details of how, by using this Service.

You are responsible for ensuring that you have carefully checked your order prior to clicking on the ‘Pay now’ button. Once you click the button you are committing to make the payment for the order.

If you have downloaded a working copy of a piece of Retained Content we will not refund your purchase price or provide another copy of said piece of Retained Content in the event that your computer crashes, your hard drive fails, the file becomes corrupt or in the event that said piece of Retained Content does not play, for whatever reason.

If you purchase a piece of Fee Based Content and are unable to view your selected film(s), please visit the applicable support and FAQ areas of our site or applications. If necessary, you may also contact our Customer Support. Your exclusive and sole remedy (to the extent that CinemaNow Limited determines that you are entitled to redress, at its discretion) with respect to content for which you have paid but that you are not able to use will be either replacement (for example, make available for re-download) of such content, or refund of the purchase price paid for such content, which will be at our sole discretion. We will not replace content or issue refunds if you have not complied with the system requirements and testing obligations set forth herein.

Withdrawal of Content

In the event Retail Content is withdrawn after your purchase but prior to your download of it (or streaming in the case of a rental video on demand), your sole remedy will be a refund of the price paid for such Retail Content. We will not make any refunds for Retail Content where you have either already downloaded a playable copy to an Authorised Device in the case of video on demand Retail Content, or in the case of a rental video on demand where the viewing period has expired.


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