How long is the viewing period for rented or purchased titles?

Licenses : The movie licenses will be stored in the DRM (Digital Right Management) folder on your computer. If the DRM folder becomes corrupt, gets renamed, or gets deleted, your license is lost Purchased

Titles : Purchased titles will come with 5 licenses You need 1 license available at all times for unlimited streaming You can stream a movie to only one device at a time, up to 5 different devices. Each download will consume 1 license. If your computer crashes, or you reformat the hard drive, the license is lost. If the license is lost, you will use up another license to place the movie back on that computer.

Rented Titles: All rentals come with 1 license Once you start playing the movie, the license will be retrieved from the server, and the 24 or 48 hour viewing window will begin. The ability to retrieve the license is only possible within 30 days after completing the purchase You can stream a rental to one device at a time (you can continue viewing the rental on another device as long as you are within the viewing window) or you can download a rental up to 3 times to the same PC

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