What does Error Code 512 mean?

What does Error Code 512 mean? Error Codes 512 happens when a internet connection cannot be established and there may be a problem on the device network setup. This will be displayed on a device or PC if the service is having difficulty communicating with the server. There are various reasons why this could happen, but often can be fixed by following the steps below. Verify Internet Service Can the device or PC access the internet? Verify that internet access is available and functioning on the device or PC. Restart the Application 1)If using a device, it may be in a state that requires the App to be relaunched. 2) If using a web browser: 2a) Try deleting the browser's cache and cookies and restart the browser. 2b) Try removing plugins or add-ons related to Roxionow and restart the browser. 2c) Try a different web browser (IE9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.) Restart the Device The problem may be deeper and restarting the device or PC may resolve it. Check the Network The problem may be related to the current network the device is on. Other Apps on the device, that require internet access, may or may not work as well. If the ability to safely reboot the network modem or router is available, this should be tried. Contact Support If none of the above mentioned directions work, contact Support

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